Eco Goals

We promote the ideas of sound Ecology as we believe the relationships between living organisms & humans in the physical environment is important. We have set ourself some long term goals to achieve this.

Our Eco Goals are:

C02 – Planting and growing food in an allotment garden is considered to be climate positive (better than net-zero carbon emissions). As the nurturing of crops, herbs, plants, flowers and trees creates an environmental benefit by removing C02 from the atmosphere. In addition to this our C02 goals are to reduce waste (we encourage re-use & recycling). We would also like to replace petrol tools and work carried out on site that uses petrol or diesel with more sustainable energy. With the replacement tools being battery based technology, that can use electricity from more eco friendly sources, including our newly installed solar panel.

Nature – Elimination of synthetic pesticides / insecticides, synthetic weed killer & synthetic fertilisers with the replacement being natural based products or natural based solutions. Non-natural pesticides, weed killers and fertilisers have been shown to harm wildlife, pollinators, the water table and humans.

Heirloom Seeds – Elimination of genetic (GMO) or hybrid seeds with the replacement being natural based heirloom seeds. This promotes the reduction of “cross contamination” into organic crops, promotes the saving of seeds and the improvement of local seed stock, which will be better suited and more hardy to our local environment.

Water – Promoting the collection and use of rain water, rather than using water from the tap. Rain water has 300 times less dissolved solids than tap water or bottled spring water and is considered to be more beneficial to growing plants, whilst also being more environmentally sound and efficient.

Pollinators – Promotion of the widest variety of food crops, herbs, flowers, plants, trees and garden environments to capture and promote bees and other pollinators. With a long term goal to develop our local environment including our wooded area, into a more beneficial environment for bees, pollinators and other wildlife.

Soil Improvement – We promote the improvement of our soil. A healthy soil returns healthier crops which are more resistant to disease and pests. The additions to the soil we promote are natural based like compost, manure, rock dust, potash, fallen leaves & recycled household waste. As a side benefit to soil improvement a recent study has shown that adding rock dust to your soil, improves the ability of the soil to remove C02 from the atmosphere.

Permaculture – Learning and then promoting ecological systems theory to create a flourishing natural ecosystem using simple ideas derived from the environment. Soil improvement, natural based weed suppressants, natural based fertilisers, introduction of herbs & plants that can be used to deter pests, companion planting, crop rotation, “no dig gardening” and other nature based solutions.