Bulkington road allotments association is the oldest allotment garden in Bedworth. Being established on the 5th April 1917.

The guiding ethos from this time was to become as self sufficient as feasibly possible, due to the war effort, food availability and the idea to eat a healthy, high quality diet. Across the country and in the following years many allotments starting to pop up as the benefits & awareness of them started to become more widely known.  Culminating in further expansion in the “dig for victory campaign” in 1940.

Fast forwarding to today, a collective of local people from Bedworth & Warwickshire are taking an active part in reviving this idea with the same guiding principles of self sufficiency & to eat healthier food, with the intention to create a better local community and improve the lives for as many local people as possible.

We are hoping for another 100 years of successful allotment gardening!

Bulkington road allotments association is a not for profit organisation, any funds we raise are used to revive our local community.

Please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page here